Dr. Shah KAMRA Inlay Interview

Dr. Shah Explains the KAMRA Inlay Procedure on FOX 2

Learn MoreKAMRA Inlay Shah Selfie Rules Watch Dr. Shah’s interview for an explanation of the new KAMRA Inlay procedure on FOX 2. https://www.foxrio2.com/learn-camera-inlay-eye-procedure Learn MoreKAMRA Inlay Shah Selfie Rules

Are you a SPECASAURUS? And what does that mean?

Learn MoreKAMRA Inlay Shah Selfie Rules SPEC • A • SAUR • US’ Spec-âu-sar-us Noun. 1. A person who wears glasses, which are considered to be a dinosaur’s method of eye correction. 2. Has not had LASIK at Shah Eye Center, which by the way, starts at only $2999 for both eyes. (Some restrictions apply) but the price is right. 3. A person …

Glaucoma Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Understanding Glaucoma: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

Learn MoreKAMRA Inlay Shah Selfie Rules Glaucoma is an umbrella term for a cluster of related conditions that cause damage to the optic nerve in the eye (the part that is responsible for transmitting images to the brain), with the damage getting worse over time. The damage is done by an ongoing buildup of pressure, which leads to the loss …

Can You Get LASIK Later In Life?

Learn MoreKAMRA Inlay Shah Selfie Rules It is a fairly well known fact that our eyesight begins to play tricks on us as we enter into our forties.  Even if we have had 20/20 vision for our entire lives, something happens to most of us at this age that sends us immediately to the local drug store for a cheap …