LASIK Eye Surgery Financing

LASIK Eye Surgery Financing options from Shah Eye Center can make the cost of LASIK surgery even easier.

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Financing to Fit Your Budget

LASIK Eye Surgery can be a major investment. Fortunately, there are options to help make it easier for you to afford the LASIK procedure.

Shah Eye Center works with Care Credit to provide the financing you need. Care Credit makes it easy to apply and your Shah Eye Center LASIK consultant can help walk you through the steps.

Shah Eye Center has found Care Credit to take a short amount of time to determine your approval and at times will have no interest financing option promotions.

Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery Financing

Payment Options

Spreading the cost of your LASIK Eye Surgery over many months instead of a one-time payment can help your budget.

High Success Rate

A high percentage of our patients qualify for financing and can get approved within minutes.

Zero-Down Payments*

Some of our programs have a zero-down payment option. Ask your LASIK consultant to see if you qualify.