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Are you a SPECASAURUS? And what does that mean?

SPEC • A • SAUR • US’ Spec-âu-sar-us

Noun. 1. A person who wears glasses, which are considered to be a dinosaur’s method of eye correction. 2. Has not had LASIK at Shah Eye Center. 3. A person who still wears glasses and is a candidate for LASIK.

Don’t be a Specasaurus

Get LASIK from Shah Eye Center

Here’s how it works:

  1. Call (956) 583-0202. The person on the other end will say, “Thank you for calling Shah Eye Center, how can I help your vision today?” And you say:
  2. “Hi, I would like to schedule an appointment to see if I am a candidate for LASIK.”
  3. They say: “Great”, and take your name and schedule your free Lasik evaluation.
  4. And you say: “Wow! I did it!”
  5. Then, during your free Lasik evaluation at Shah Eye Center, a doctor, and only a doctor, will determine if you are a candidate for LASIK.
  6. The big day arrives and you have the LASIK procedure. You are one happy former Specasaurus and BTW you can finally wear really cool sunglasses. Game on.