Giving Life to Your Eyes

Providing expert eye care from pediatric to senior and all stages in between. Including: LASIK, KAMRA® Inlay, diabetic eye care, glaucoma treatment, cataract surgery, retina care, optical center, pediatric and more.


Do the things you love with LASIK

Play sports again. Enjoy the day swimming at the beach. Drive around town without the hassle of glasses or contacts.


Life Just Looks Better Without Glasses

With the new KAMRA® Inlay available from Shah Eye Center, we can help you correct presbyopia, a condition that causes blurred near vision. The KAMRA® Inlay procedure could help free you from reading glasses.


What Our Patients Say

  • “I had a LASIK-like surgery with Dr. Shah on Saturday and was feeling well enough to throw a party on the next day!”

    Christina Bui
    MD Ophthalmologist

  • “I am now able to do my work more effectively because I can see monitors from far away and don’t worry about my patients being ok because now I know. ”

    Gisela Flores

  • “Finally I don’t have to hassle with my glasses or contacts.”

    Itzel Alvidrez

  • “It’s only been 24 hours since my surgery but I can see what I couldn’t see without my glasses before.”

    Rocio Resendez

  • “Dr. Shah took the time to answer all my questions patiently. He never pressured me to have the procedure. LASIK changed my life because I never knew life without glasses.”


  • “I am able to see things better than with glasses. I enjoy the time saved by not using contacts and not having to clean glasses. It’s changed for the better. Thanks Dr. Shah for your expertise!”


  • “After going to every other eye center, I decided to go with Dr. Shah because of their friendly service and how informative and comfortable they made me feel.”

    Lizette Lopez

  • “Not wanting to wear glasses anymore influenced my decision to have LASIK. My husband had his LASIK done at Shah Eye Center and it influenced my decision to choose Shah Eye Center. I am now able to enjoy sewing and reading without my glasses or contacts.”

    Margie Casas

  • “My wife and her family used Shah Eye Center and spoke very highly of Dr. Shah and were also please with their results. I feel like I can see the world in HD!”

    Gabriel Pena

  • “What influenced my decision to have LASIK was not wanting to wear glasses anymore. I chose Shah Eye Center because of service. I am now able to enjoy reading, watching TV, and driving without the hassle of contacts or glasses. LASIK has changed my life and I feel better about myself and feel 10 years younger. The staff answered all my questions and were great!”

    Eleanor Cavazos

  • “I chose Shah Eye Center because a friend recommended the doctor to me. The people at Shah Eye Center are very patient and welcoming. LASIK has changed my life by finally being able to do multiple activities without depending on eyewear.”

    Marco Morejon

  • “Not being able to see influenced my decision to have LASIK. My friends influence me in my final decision to choose Shah Eye Center. I am now able to enjoy sports, sunglasses, and 3D movies without the hassle of contacts or glasses. My most memorable experience at Shah Eye center is that the operation was 15 mins!”

    Erick De La Garza

  • “I was tired of using glasses for good vision and friends’ referrals and good feedback influenced my final decision to choose Shah Eye Center. LASIK has changed my life.”

    Cristian Carranza

  • “I was highly influenced to choose Shah Eye Center after my free LASIK consultation. I am now able to enjoy exercising, swimming and being able to fall asleep without the hassle of removing contacts or worrying about damaging glasses while laying down. My most memorable experience at Shah Eye Center was when I was examined for 20/20 vision after my one-month post-op LASIK surgery.”

    Alejandra Trevino

About Shah Eye Center

The Shah Eye Center team includes medical doctors, doctors of optometry, and skilled technicians. All surgeons who perform iLasik, the KAMRA® Inlay procedure and Cataract Surgery at Shah Eye Center are board-certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.

Discover the Shah Eye Center Difference

Shah Eye Center is Founded on a Vision of Excellence®. This means you can feel confident that you are receiving quality care at any of our conveniently located Comprehensive Vision Care Center locations

  • Experienced & Trained

    Shah Eye Center medical doctors are board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology or working toward their board certification. Shah Eye Center Optometrists are required to specialize in a particular area and all doctors and technicians are required to undergo continuous education.

  • Technology & Methods

    Shah Eye Center combines some of the most advanced technology with the skill sets of accomplished Ophthalmologists (medical doctors) and skilled Optometrists (Doctor of Optometry).

  • Locations Throughout South Texas

    The Shah Eye Center team is ready and conveniently located throughout South Texas to better serve our patients.

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