Can You Get LASIK Later In Life?

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old woman after lasik

It is a fairly well known fact that our eyesight begins to play tricks on us as we enter into our forties.  Even if we have had 20/20 vision for our entire lives, something happens to most of us at this age that sends us immediately to the local drug store for a cheap pair of eyeglasses until we finally admit that we need to visit a professional ophthalmologist.

With so many baby-boomers now entering this stage of life, many of us are wondering if we are simply too late to get the whole package.  Instead of being fitted for eyeglasses or contacts, why not explore all your options?  Why not choose Lasik Eye Surgery to reduce or eliminate your need for glasses?

But then again, maybe we are too old? Or maybe, just maybe, our eyes are going to continue to decline.  If we get Lasik now, will we have to get the surgery again in 5 or 20 years? These are all relevant questions, questions that Texas ophthalmologists hear quite frequently.

It’s never too late!

Lasik eye surgery is considered a very low-risk procedure that can be provided to most people.  Even our elderly friends and family members well over 40 years of age may be eligible for Lasik, but there are some additional precautions to be considered beforehand.

The most common vision problems that Lasik can correct include: far-sightedness, near-sightedness, and astigmatism.  Doctors often examine and counsel their older patients on the Lasik process much more extensively.  As we age, eye dryness becomes more common and may disqualify you from having the Lasik procedure.

Keep your eyes well lubricated!

Keeping the eyes well lubricated is a common requirement for Lasik patients of any age, but it is even more critical for older patients with dry eye syndrome.  Failure to follow the doctor’s guidelines can lead to complications later on.

Some ophthalmologists even provide the patient with the first bottle or two of eye drops before they leave the outpatient facility.  Follow-up examinations will likely be required for a short time as well, and the doctor will be keeping an “eye” on you to make sure that you are lubricating your eyes properly.

Lasik is Low Risk for people of all ages!

Lasik corrective eye surgery has a magnificent track record for patients of all ages.  This is because those scary, metal surgical instruments that you used to see on television are seldom used in this innovative process.  Only a very tiny laser beam is used to cut the eye in such a miniscule amount that recovery is quick and relatively pain free.

Most people recover within 24 hours with improved vision.

However, ophthalmologists will also warn that Lasik is not the solution for everyone.  Those with certain medical conditions may not be ideal candidates for the surgical procedure.

Women who are pregnant and individuals whose vision has changed significantly in the past year are not candidates.  Always be sure to talk it over with your ophthalmologist and ask any questions or concerns.  They are more than willing to help you with your decision.